Takashi Miyabe

Senior Managing Director: Takashi Miyabe M.D.
(Director General of Do-s Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery)

Recent medical science has made it possible to control "physiological aging" so that we can retain our beauty and youth.
With the growth of global population and women's advance into society, we predict that there will be more demand for preventive medicine and anti-aging medicine in future. Our organization determined to organize our professional knowledge so that the environment surrounding preventive medicine and anti-aging medicine will be more convenient and sophisticated for all of us.

Toshiharu Kanemitsu

Managing Director: Toshiharu Kanemitsu M.D.
(Director General of Sakura Beauty Clinic)

From the perspective of preventive medicine and anti-aging medicine, physiological aging can be something we can control. Because controlling physiological aging can make a huge impact on our mental health, it's important to clarify any problems surrounding the medical industry so that preventive medicine and anti-aging medicine can be available to all of us.


Naoki Kirihara

Naoki Kirihara M.D.

People are more interested in preventive medicine and anti-aging medicine nowadays, and local hospitals, clinics and even pharmacies have started valuing "Disease State Management" more than ever. It is a prompt issue to optimize the cost of medical service and the outcome by organizing "Disease State Management" system, so that our surgical operation will be available to more people by slowing our national health care cost also.

Namika Komori

Namika Haga M.D.

Patients who must deal with actual or perceived problematic concerns about their appearance are almost always affected emotionally and psychologically. I think improving their self-esteem through cosmetic and plastic surgery definitely gives them a positive psychological effect.

Chiho Saiga

Chiho Saiga M.D.

Since longevity of the Japanese people has been extending due to the development of medical care, everyone began to demand a long fulfilling life. I believe it is very important to develop primary medical care in the rapidly aging society where many aged people live alone. Integral medical care that covers patients’ illness as well as mental care based on a good understanding of his/her mental and life backgrounds.

Mikio Toeda

Mikio Toeda M.D.

How can we contribute to the aesthetic medicine as plastic surgeons? We are responsible for making an accurate diagnosis of a patient and choose proper treatment and technique to suit it from a number of choices. We cannot get the desired result if the usages were not proper no matter how advanced the technology is. I assume aesthetic medicine is going to become more important in the near future.


Yasuo Matsubayashi

Medical Technologists: Yasuo Matsubayashi

The 21st century is a century of preventive medicine. If we are ill or not yet we should always try to live healthier. It is important to manage a hygienic environment regularly, not only as individuals but also in daily life, at home, and at medical institutes to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Takanori Kobayashi

Judo Therapist: Takanori Kobayashi

We, Judo Therapist, used to work mainly at hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation center and nursing homes. However there are increasing needs in health, sports and beauty care related services these days. And because of the relaxing effect it is getting popular and we have more opportunities to work various other facilities these days.

Keiko Okada

National Registered Dietitian: Keiko Okada

The Health Promotion Law and Basic Act on Food Education suggest importance of the nutritional management and holistic evaluation of a daily life style from a view point regarding diet. This is the field dietitians should be responsible. I will help people to check their own daily diet and teach how to make it appropriate to eat throughout their lives.

Akifumi Soda

Consulting Lawyer: Akifumi Soda

I provide support regarding the law as a consulting lawyer of the WAAD Medical Association.

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